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Nothing will change until you decide that it needs to change


This has been the first time that I have taken a step in losing weight and becoming more fit. I have found the group very useful and feel I can turn to the group if I am having an ‘off day’ or need any advice.
Derek has not only helped me lose weight but helped me become more aware of how I am doing it. I now understand a lot more about fitness in general and feel I can now go on and help other people do the same.
I have recommended a few people to Derek and they have started in the group due to seeing the results I have had in 4 weeks! I will continue to recommend Derek and work with him! 10/10 Service!
– Laura

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I started training with Derek weighing almost 26 stone and I was very unhappy with my life and my body. Straight away I felt I got on really well with Derek and he understood and could relate to my problems.

I’ve been training with Derek for almost 9 months, he has become a role model in my life and has been there every step of the way for me throughout my journey providing constant support 24/7 and aiding me to get to where I want to be. From questions about nutrition/exercise to supporting me in times where I had been struggling mentally I’ve always been able to go to Derek for guidance.
I’ve totally rebuilt my relationship with food and gained a great understanding of nutrition through. Something I can’t believe I’m saying also is that now I actually look forward to going to the gym.
I have now lost over 5 stone and recently climbed Ben Nevis. None of this would have been possible without Derek and I truly believe if it wasn’t for him I’d be at least 30 stone by now and even more unhappy than I was before we started working together.

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I started my journey with Derek at the beginning of July and let me tell you what an amazing few months it’s been. The Facebook community has played a big part in my weight loss. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and everyone is on hand including Derek for help and advice. I’ve also made friends for life within this group! If I’m ever having an off day I know I can come to the group looking for the words of encouragement that I need to spur me on. The endless support from Derek is outstanding and without him and this group, god only knows where I would be. I can’t recommend Derek enough. Top guy!!

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Couldn’t recommend highly enough, great atmosphere to train in & amazing results that are sustainable. My own personal weight loss has been amazing losing a stone in 5 weeks. Although I’ve always been physically active I’ve never really been confident with the gym & weights. Derek eliminates the usually intimidating gym environment making you feel comfortable whatever your level. Don’t want to make it sound to much like a walk in the park, haha. The sessions are very challenging, easily do more in the hour of PT than I ever could in two or three gym sessions on my own. Looking forward to continuing with Derek after my initial program & continuing my results.

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I’ve been training with the fat pt for 10 weeks now, his dedication is second to none and he’s constantly working to get me the best results, I couldn’t recommend Derek highly enough, my only regret was not contacting him earlier!!!



My Partner and I started training with Derek back in August 2019 and it has truly been a life-changing experience. Derek is a very knowledgeable PT and has been a great support on our journey. From day one we felt comfortable in his company and he has built our confidence in the gym so much, he is always on hand to demonstrate every workout and takes the time to explain the benefits of each workout.

Derek hasn’t just helped us inside the gym he has also completely changed our attitude and relationship with food, he hasn’t put us on a strict unsustainable diet but has provided us with calorie, protein, water and fibre targets that puts the responsibility on us to achieve our goals. In the past we have tried dieting and getting back into the gym all of which failed in a few weeks but in the 5 months training with Derek this has all changed. We are both now confident training on our own but still workout with Derek twice a week to keep pushing ourselves to achieve our new goals.

If your struggling with your diet or fitness I would highly recommend @thefatpt to kick-start your journey, so long as you can put up with his so called banter (this was specifically added by Gemma).

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